Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog.  You will find interesting writings and author’s own “Hoosier Wit”  as you explore and join me in my writing adventures.

Mystic Waters 


Hoosier wit, high inspiration, cracker barrel philosophy, subtle humor, intriguing quotations, short stories, and a panoramic garden of verse.



This mysterious, psychological drama, action laced, innocent love story of intrigue and betrayal is about Davy Monday. Davy lives on the streets, and having just graduated from high school, is running for his life when he is rescued off the street, compliments of Emerald Silverstone. Emerald, the richest man in the world, has plans to rule the world and wants to make Davy his heir. Emerald worships at the throne of Nimrod. Political and religious leaders since antiquity have used mythology to rule the masses. Sometimes, reality is the most interesting fiction. Go to Amazon for inside look.

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