Lynne was a beautiful person and a brilliant artist. She was able to combine her extraordinaire talent with accomplished skills and mystical insight. She loved to paint Native Americans and their natural world and understood their spirit and connection with nature to paint. But even more important than her artistry was her beautiful personality. I can think of no person who truly loved the people around her as did Lynne. It was my privilege to work on some projects together; her art and my writings.

It was with great sorrow I learned she had a medical condition which proved to be fatal. She retained her ebullience to the end. I never heard her complain in spite of her suffering. She focused on inspiring and cheering others. She was a meteorite that flashed across the sky and disappeared all too soon. She passed on in 2007 at the age of sixty three, still youthful and angelic. Her body was donated to Indiana University School of Medicine in hope of helping others. That was so like her.

Her husband, Tom, also a beautiful person, wanted her celebration of life to focus on the beauty and love that was uniquely hers. Her many friends who came were also beautiful people. They shared the sentiment that she made them all feel special, that when she was talking with them, they felt they were the most important person in the world to her. She has been an inspiration for my writing. I have been blessed to call Lynne and Tom my friends.

Lynne, we miss you.



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