A Look Inside Mystic Waters
By Floyd Simeon Root
Featuring Art by Lynne Foster Fife - a beautiful person
Illustrations by William Henry Root - as genuine as they get


Bowser lay on the ground with his paws stretched out before him. He suddenly rose on his front legs, still sitting on his haunches in focused anticipations as the school bus came into view. He jumped to all fours with a slightly perceptible swish of the tail as the bus rolled to a stop.

"Oh, look! There's Bowser," said one of the girls with an almost reverent tone as she hopped off the bus. "Poor Bowser." The small children gathered around the dog to hug and pet him. Bowser appreciated the attention, but he looked impatiently past the children as the school bus door closed. He gave two quick sharp barks as the bus pulled away.

The children caressed Bowser several minutes before heading for their individual homes. The dog returned to his post. Perhaps tomorrow. Mother watched Bowser's action through the kitchen window as she washed dishes. "I know, Bowswer," she said, wiping a tear from her eye. "I miss him, too."

A Pirate's Chant

I eats me beans
That kivvers me plate.
I searches for gold
And pieces of eight.

I gots one eye
And a wooden leg
I drowns me troubles
In a whiskey keg.

I gots me a woman,
Her name is Jean,
She smells like a goat,
But she's twice as mean

I'll bang down the door
To Satan's front gate.
I'm scheduled for hell
And I shant be late.

Even meaner still
Ill be when I'm dead,
I'll slap the ol' Devil
On the back of the head.

Don't wait too long to express your love.
Too late will come too soon.

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