The Benefactor

Eighteen year old Davy is taken in by the wealthy and mysterious Emerald Silverstone, a man with prodigious plans and a specific purpose for Davy. Plucked from his life of poverty, Davy struggles to adjust to his new life and a new, elusive love. He is gregarious, athletic, and strong-willed. However, he soon discovers that wealth has its perils, his core values are under attack, and covert men have sinister designs on our beloved country. Is Emerald a brilliant benevolent genius, or is he delusional? When Davy experiences brutal betrayal, one question haunts him – why was he chosen as heir?

Political and religious tyrants of the world have used mythology to control the masses from antiquity. Is the ancient System of Nimrod the source of present day terrorism and political insanity? Some portions of this story may disturb you. Good! Confronting evil is not for the faint of heart. Only the lionhearted can play.

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The Benefactor